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Taipei Secutech expo

We are the exhibitor of Autotronic 2017, our booth number will show on the page after Dec 25.
Show Dates & Hours :
[Nangang Exhibition Hall ]
10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m., May 8 to 9, 2019
10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m., April 10, 2019
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Taipei Autotronic expo

Show Dates & Hours :
[Nangang Exhibition Hall ]
9 a.m. ~ 5 p.m., April 24 to 26, 2019
9 a.m. ~ 3 p.m., April 27, 2019
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2014 Taiwan Excellence

VACRON always to promise and provide a new vision, advanced technology and security system to satisfy different security demands. From cameras to DVRs, IP surveillance products to vehicle recorders, VACRON’s complete product lines guarantee a total surveillance security to our customers.

DHD online show

Auguest 3rd, 2013 , Posted by H. Rackham

what is VACRON DHD ?
Closed Circuit HD TV (DHD) is a newly developed solution for transmitting full HD digital video in a surveillance system. The core concept of DHD is to deliver high definition video using digital TV (DTV) transmission. With DHD, high definition digital video can be transmitted easily over coaxial cables, twisted pairs, or simply over the air. Multiple 1080p30 and 1080p60 video streams can be easily transmitted using DHD over a single 5C2V/RG6 cable up to a length of 1000 meters without any repeater ( Up to 500 meters in case of 3C2V/RG59 ).