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Image integration is the key to business growth

Video surveillance systems have gained popularity nowadays. They are diversified and work independently, which makes it challenging to manage for the enterprise users. Integrating monitoring and analyzing data will become essential to business growth.

Global Monitoring Video Management System (GMS) is a cloud-based video management software designed for enterprise users. There are several advantages that the GMS offers over the traditional CMS. It supports mobile and fixed surveillance devices, generates various reports, and improves corporate operations' efficiency. Companies with more extensive data volumes are more effective.

In conclusion, GMS is an "intelligent business management system" that innovates from the current understanding of monitoring. It can help companies find problems, simplify processes, establish management systems, and improve customer experience and productivity.

Vacron | Global Monitoring Video Management System

Suitable for all kinds of companies

From managers' perspective, Vacron understands that companies need reliable video surveillance solutions, minimize construction and maintenance costs. GMS is user-friendly, straightforward, and highly integrable, allowing managers to grasp the company's overall operation process quickly. GMS is a preferred solution by many companies.

Vacron |  Global Monitoring Video Management System

No additional plug-in and use a web browser to monitor and view directly.

 TCP protocol

Two-way audio through a browser directly, easy to talk with drivers.

P2P Network

Support P2P network connection by scanning the QRcode on the smartphone App, easy to configure a device to GMS.

RMTP Protocol

Support RMTP Protocol, easy to integrate with a third party’s device.


• Manage large equipments at the same time

Manage more than 5000 mobile and fixed surveillance cameras which can also maintain high-quality videos at the same time.

• Smooth without live streaming latency

Support realtime streaming with less than 0.5-second lateness, two-way audio, and PTZ camera control to get the ideal view angle without a blind zone.

• Building and Integrating AI Ecosystems

Through AI technology, easy to monitor and manage in-n-out fixed-point arithmetic of people and vehicles. Quick response to an emergency, improve the management efficiency and lower labor cost.

EX:Face Recognition、People Counting、License Plate Recognition、Body Temperature。

• Secure Storage Solution

GMS provides you with a secure, scalable, and flexible storage solution (Support NAS, AWS S3). 

• Quick Setup and System Auto Maintenance

System Configuration for auto-Maintenance, with painless upgrade process for new features.

• Access and Monitor Video Anytime Anywhere

Remote monitoring via web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices

Application environments

Vacron |  Global Monitoring Video Management System
Vacron |  Global Monitoring Video Management System
Vacron |  Global Monitoring Video Management System
Vacron |  Global Monitoring Video Management System

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