What's the new one about DTV

The DTV surveillance system, as known as DTV surveillance, is a new-generation video security solution adopting digital TV technologies with DVB-T standards currently. It features excellent performance in both video and audio transmission over coaxial cables or air, with major advantages including: excellent HD video quality over coaxial cables, seamless solution for CCTV upgrades, and longer transmission distance.

Our popular IP solutions

We offer different package solutions for various occasions and customization according to installation environments with our best design and organization ability. Vacron is continuing to evaluate our products with customer’s using experience and feedback in order to enhance every customer’s satisfaction.

Cloud Security Device

Through general network equipment, do not need to operate complex network settings, you can directly link the cloud database to reach remote video monitoring, device management and synchronization of HD-quality video transmission as well as instant alarm transmitter function; Once unusual event triggers an alarm single, system immediately issued an alert through mail or SMS message.

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Customer satisfaction as the highest principle. We always do everything that do our best for customers, we have friendly service person. Any questions about products of ours: vehicle video recorder,IP surveillance,camera and digital video recorder. Please give us a phone call. You'll get a perfect answer.

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Our mobile products include driving recorder, fleet management system, video recorder.
We offer 1ch, 2ch, 4ch, 8ch and more than 9ch. VACRON is a professional manufactory about mobile surveillance.
We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, you can believe our technology.

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Mobile surveillance solutions

Products include "driving record, DVR, etc.", diversified product line, meet your needs.

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IP surveillance system

We have a diversified production line to meet a customer's choice. Fast shipping, product is stable.

DTV overview

DTV surveillance sytem

You can upgrade video surveillance and will not to replace cable. And the less cost savings to convert analog signals into digital monitoring.

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CCTV surveillance system

Complete product line, stable quality, advanced specifications, simple user interface; allows you to quickly get started.