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Since the establishment of the company, we have produced many products and accumulated software and hardware integration capabilities with the management philosophy of "satisfy customer's request" and we create different solutions for each group of customers.

— Transportation —

Fleet management can apply to various logistics and transportation industries and public transportation

— Special environment —

The system may apply to various environments, not only to reduce unnecessary harm for the enterprise but also to reduce costs

— Police rescue —

In response to the police’s time-consuming task, the intelligent fleet system maximizes the benefits of rescue operations

— Campus safty —

The flow of people on a university campus is relatively complicated; people have activities everywhere.


Mobile Surveillance

IP Surveillance System

DTV Surveillance System

CCTV Surveillance System

Software System

Professional solution
Professional R&D department and perfect sales service are our
core value. With the vision of system integration and solutions, we can achieve comprehensive security monitoring with smart image monitoring technology to solve security problems for customers .

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