You can select the infrared colored water-resistant camera to monitor daytime and nighttime. The infrared automatically turns on at the dark even if the environment is completely dark, you can still observe it. The lens can be selected according to your need, e.g. environment, distance, and etc.

The full product service content includes technical support, equipment installation, repair and maintenance services, spare parts supply, system integration, etc. Consumers can quickly be familiar with the products.
VACRON provides systematic training and services for agents/distributors worldwide, and updates technical documents regularly, provides original warranty parts so that consumers can enjoy global warranty and local assistance.
If the product is severely damaged and must return to the factory for inspection, VACRON provides the most efficient way to return it to the factory to solve the consumer's problem as quickly as possible.
Maintenance process: We provide user-friendly maintenance services, rapid maintenance processes, and ensure the quality of maintenance products as new.