Warranty Informaiton

  • · The company provides product after-sales service, and the product offers warranty service by the content of this service.The product warranty does not cover when the product is damaged due to accidental, improper use, or unauthorized maintenance. The customer may be charged for product maintenance service fees.
  • · Warranty certificate: The customer must provide the proof of purchase of the product and the serial number sticker attached to the product to get a product warranty.
  • · Warranty period: The warranty period begins from the day of purchase.

Important Notes

  • The bar code stickers on the products must present during product repair. Please keep the serial number sticker as well as the proof of purchase and the original packaging properly. If the warranty sticker of the repaired product is torn or damaged in which it cannot be identified or is intended to be forged, the warranty of the product will be invalidated and no repair will be performed.
  • The costs to pay for an out-of-warranty product should cover parts, labor, and freight charges.
  • The customer should properly pack the repaired product when sending it. Fuho Technology is not responsible for product damages incurred during the delivery of the repaired product.
  • The company’s service center will contact the customer before opening a repair order to inform the customer of possible repair costs and ask if they agree to pay for repairs.
  • Spare parts, accessories and peripheral equipment are not covered by the warranty.For further details, please contact the local sales office.

Maintenance process