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Vehicle Knowledge | What is gold capacitor?

What is gold capacitor?

What is gold capacitor?

Gold capacitor is also called super capacitor and farad capacitor, which is different from ordinary battery and require chemical reaction to be converted into electrical energy.
Gold capacitor can directly store electrical energy as a physical reaction, usually used as energy storage component for instantaneous large current discharge.

Gold capacitor characteristics

  • The charging and discharging speed is fast, completed in a short time.
  • Long life, high durability.The average charge and discharge can reach 500,000 times.
  • Storage of electrical energy directly, no risk of explosion.
  • Can be used in high-temperature environments.
  • Won't deterioration even if it is not used for a long time.

How to work in dash cam

Gold capacitor can directly store electrical energy and are more stable than batteries, it very suitable for the high temperature environment of dash cam.The dash cam may be separated from the body of the power supply due to impact or external factors.At this time, if there is a built-in gold capacitor, it can give the dash cam a few seconds of recording time to capture the critical images.
When you choose a dash cam, remember to check whether the product specifications have built-in gold capacitor to reduce the risk of missing images.