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Surveillance Knowledge | What is wide dynamic range (WDR)?

What is wide dynamic range (WDR)?

The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature allows images to maintain excellent image quality in high contrast between the brightest and darkest areas.Traditional cameras cannot capture the whole scene content in one image. In comparison, when a camera with WDR function outputs a photo, the image processor will create two photos, one brighter and one darker than the original environment. The two images are then combined such that the sections that are too bright or too dark may be seem more clearly than the original.

A Camera With WDR

A Camera Without WDR

What environments require WDR?

• Indoor environments with bright daylight outside and low brightness levels inside (e.g. parking lots, tunnels)
• Outdoor scenes with direct sunlight and shadows
• Indoor environment with lots of windows reflecting light

The WDR function is crucial for AI recognition. When the difference between indoor and outdoor illumination is too significant, traditional cameras cannot obtain clear images, and the AI recognition function is also challenging to use. Therefore, it is recommended to use monitoring cameras with WDR in environments with mixed light and darkness, such as building entrances, public transportation facilities, and near windows, to ensure image quality and recognition effect.