IP Surveillance System

IP Camera


1080P / Dome / IR / H.265 / AI Human Recognition

  • DC12V

  • LENS 3.6mm

  • P.O.E

  • 1/2.8"CMOS

  • 0.001LUX

  • 24 LEDs

  • 0~45°C

  • Human

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Product Features

  • The camera is equipped with built-in AI algorithms that can accurately recognize
    human-shaped objects.
  • Starlight-grade Sony CMOS low-light color image with high resolution for enhanced night-time
  • Real-time H.265/H.264 multi-mode engine compression technology (Dual Codec) supports
    multiple levels of video quality configuration.
  • This device supports 256G SD card to store captured pictures and video data, and supports
    remote inquiry of event data.
  • The identification results are linked with the Vacron recording system to grasp the monitoring
    and alarm information in real time.
  • Support ONVIF international standard with best compatibility and integration, SDK can be
    attached for background system vendor's integrations.

Humanoid recognition function

Number of Humanoid Recognition It can recognize 5 sets of human on the monitor screen at the same time.
Recognizable Size of Human The size of himan figure on video screen needs to be 60*100 pixels or more.
Accuracy Settings Adjustments The initial default value is 0. According to constraints of installation environment, the recognition strict level setting can be adjusted to avoid misjudgment orrelaxation of recognition.
Alarm Zone Settings Provide two groups of warning area settings,and irregular frames can be set as the warning area setting.
Humanoid recognition in the warning zone can be set.When the humanoid object touches the warning frame, the humanoid object will be listed and tracked until the humanoid object leaves the warning zone.
It can be used with the alarm setting as a linkage setting.
Alarm Response Time Configurable I/O alarm output time allows the manager to have reponse tome.
Can setup IO alarm output voltage level high/low (0V~3.3V)for remote siren or gearing alert. 
Alarm Recognition Video Storage You can set up for video storage in the SD card of device itself, or set up a FTP Server to transmit the face recognition results to the server.
Micro SD Card Storage in Device It supports 256GB Micro SD card for face recognition images storage in the device.
It can carry out face recognition images confirmation on the browser page.
(After enabling snapshot function by the face recognition system, the internal SD card will be formatted and forced to stop live monitoring recording.)
Co-development Please contact FUHO's sales representative to discuss the development and integration of multiple AI system functions.


system Flash:256MB
Sensor SONY FullHD High Quality 1/2.8 CMOS Image Sensor
Lens Board Lens 3.6 mm
Optical Filter Built-in Magnetic Infrared Filter Switcher
Low Illumination 0 Lux(IR ON)
Infrared Light 24pcs IR LED

Image Performance
H.265/H.264: 1920x1080 at 60 fps
H.265/H.264: 1280x720 at 60 fps
H.265/H.264: 640x480 at 60 fps
H.265、H.264Multi-mode compression (Dual Codec)
Support simultaneous transmission of multimode video streams
Video Adjustment Resolution、Quality and bit rate
Time, date or custom text can be displayed on the image,
and the display position can be set
Adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness
Electronic Shutter 1/2 ~ 1/100,000 Sec
Networking Interface 10 /100 Mbps,RJ-45
Communication Protocol IPv4、TCP/IP、DHCP、HTTP、RTSP、SNTP、DNS
browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
Safari, Chrome or Firefox
Alarm Notification High/Low (0-3.3V) alarm signal can be connected to I/O OUT.
Human recognition results are captured and transmitted
to FTP or device's micro SD card for image storage.
Users Up to 8 users can online monitor at the same time.
Hierarchical Management of User Rights.
Maintenance Support online firmware upgrade
I/O Port RJ-45 Network Connection Port,
Power Input Port DC12V,
Sound Input and Output (BNC-RS485 Output),
Alarm Output
Power VIN-DS755HA-E4:DC12V
DC12V or Ethernet PoE IEEE802.3af Class 0 (optional)
Power Consumption 3.6W(IR OFF) 、12W(IR ON)
Weight N.W. :1050g
Dimension W:Φ135mm H:110mm
Operating Environments 0℃ ~ 45℃

*Version updating is not going to inform, please check the on-going updating information